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We stand by all rules of the EU Code of Conduct. These apply above all to the areas of occupational safety, employee safety, fire protection, building safety, waste disposal and environmental protection.

We employ more than 80% women. Equal rights, workers rights and social responsibility are the core of our company philosophy.
We invest in both modern knitting and sewing machines and modern LED technology to reduce power consumption. The modern thermal insulation of all business premises has enabled us to significantly reduce the company's energy consumption.
We are members of the following initiatives and associations:
  • BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)
  • C&A Code of Conduct for the improvement of social and ecological standards in the supply chain Code of Conduct for the Improvement of Social and Ecological Standards in the Supply Chain
We work with ecological paints and chemical substances according to OEKO_TEX Standard 100. Within the framework of these standards, our chemical processing and waste water are regularly controlled. The results can be found on the following platforms:
  • Amfori Bepi Platfrom
  • ZDHC Platform
  • IPE Platform
What we insist on for the future, and we are devoted to doing this:
  • Respect and appreciation of our working people
  • Care for the environment
  • Improving social standards